Bringing the outdoors into early childhood education

May 25, 2011

...familiarising children with plants and animals, landscapes, seasons and objective is to develop children's love of nature, an understanding of the interplay of nature and between [hu]man and nature....Nature accommodates a multitude of experiences and activities in all seasons and all weathers.
-OECD Norway country note, 1999

Rural child care in Canada

May 2, 2011


Canadian families in rural communities face many challenges in
finding quality early childhood education and care opportunities for
their children. Like families throughout the country, rural families
appreciate the positive social and educational experiences that their
children can encounter in quality early childhood education settings.
This, combined with the need for flexible child care due to atypical and
seasonal working hours and the necessity for child care to address the
safety issues of children on farms, makes the lack of rural spaces a