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Province launches pension plan for child care workers

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CTV News
Publication Date: 
7 Oct 2010

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Beginning on Dec. 1, child-care workers in Manitoba will be eligible for a pension plan, said provincial officials.

Child-care workers have been calling for a pension plan for a number of years.


The province's move to introduce a pension plan makes Manitoba the second province, after Quebec, to offer a province-wide pension plan for child-care workers, said officials.

The new pension plan is expected to cost the government about $6.6 million per year to fund it, said officials.

The province will match the workers four per cent contributions to the pension.

Although the announcement comes as good news for those in the child-care industry, not everyone is pleased.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation said the government is spending money it doesn't have on the pension plan.


The province, however, said it will be two years until it expects to be investing the full $6.6 million. Under provincial pension laws, the pension is not mandatory for the first two years of employment.

- reprinted from CTV News