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Keep the aspirations flying

Publication Date: 
28 Apr 2006
Entered Date: 
20 Jan 2010

Useful links

Forest School Canada
Forest School Canada is a national education initiative of the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, and is striving to become a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to foster rich learning experiences, ecological literacy, and healthy living by connecting children to nature through the use of the Forest School model in the early, primary, and secondary years.

Print resources

Books and reports

Outdoor Learning in the early years: Management and innovation (3rd ed)
Bilton, H. Routledge, 2010. (publishers info)

Bringing the Steiner Waldorf approach to your early years practice (2nd ed)
Nicol, J. Green, S (Ed).  Routledge, 2010.(publisher's info)

Materials available online

Theoretical perspectives

Children's right to play: An examination of the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide. Lester, S., & Russell. W. (2010). Working papers in: Early Childhood Development. Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Government making money available for child-care centres

Canadian Press
Publication Date: 
20 Sep 2009
Entered Date: 
23 Sep 2009

Kids to face, embrace elements all day long at outdoor preschool [CA-ON]

CBC News
Publication Date: 
2 Oct 2008
Entered Date: 
22 Oct 2008

Seven Cs: An informational guide to young children's outdoor playspaces

Herrington, Susan; Lesmeister, Chandra; Nicholls, Jamie & Stefiuk, Kate
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2007
Entered Date: 
5 Sep 2008
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