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About the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is an early childhood education and child care (ECEC) policy research institute with a mandate to further ECEC policy and programs in Canada.

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Beyond baby steps: Planning for a national child care system 20 Jul 2016 | Canada
New article published in Policy Options considers the importance of the federal governments role in designing a national child care plan. Authors present what the current system is lacking and ways to improve it. They conclude that "by moving beyond baby steps to planning a national child care system, the Trudeau government can help lead the development of a child care system that works for all of us."
Falling short: The experiences of families below the minimum income standard 20 Jul 2016 | Europe
New report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation [U.K.]considers how families living below the Minimum Income Standards (MIS) make ends meet after housing and childcare costs are taken into consideration. To gather evidence, the authors interviewed a mix of 30 families who fall below the MIS. Findings include that families need stability, however constantly monitoring budgets is highly stressful and emotional draining. Suggestions offered include policy-makers considering key issues, such as, improved access to childcare to provide families with greater stability.
Access to childcare in Europe: Parents' logistical challenges in cross-national perspective 20 Jul 2016 | Europe
New article focuses on the child care system, the labour market and the everyday challenges parents face when attempting to navigate them simultaneously.The authors gather evidence by means of interviews with parent- and childcare related organizations in six countries across Europe. Findings from the study provide a richer understanding of childcare availability and the challenges faced by parents even when services are comprehensive and affordable.
Effects of the minimum wage on infant health 20 Jul 2016 | United States
Recent paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research [U.S.] investigates the impact of raising the minimum state wage on infant health. Using data on births in the US over 25 years, the authors found that an increase in the minimum wage is associated with an increase in birth weight. Other channels through which minimum wage can affect infant health are explored.
How Does Learning Happen? Inspirational pedagogy in everyday practice depends on a well-supported ECE workforce 13 Jul 2016 | Ontario
New article from the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) considers the structural supports needed to ensure that ECE professionals have the capacity to successfully implement How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (2014). The article describes how this new responsibility will involve a momentous undertaking by registered members of the College of Early Childhood Educators in Ontario. It poses questions that stimulate dialogue and discussion about the need for systemic change so that new policy directives can be implemented successfully.

Many social programs support families, but child care is the backbone of them all.

— National Council of Welfare, Preschool Children: Promises to Keep , 1999

Why good child care?


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