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About the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is an early childhood education and child care (ECEC) policy research institute with a mandate to further ECEC policy and programs in Canada.

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s International Early Learning Study: What happened next 26 Jul 2017 | International
Recent article aims to raise concerns about the OECD's proposal for an International Early Learning Study (IELS). Although the authors believe study lacks sufficient insight into the contexts and cultures of participants, they wish to see further comparative studies of ECEC, which adopt an approach that is respectful of diversity and welcoming of complexity.
IMF Working Paper - Women are key for future growth: Evidence from Canada 25 Jul 2017 | Canada
A shrinking labor force challenges Canada to speed up labour productivity growth. This IMF paper identifies women as key to this challenge citing Canada’s substantial gender employment gap and finding that increased women’s employment would have a significant impact on labour productivity. However, high child care fees outside Quebec act as a disincentive for women to work as does the structure of the Canada Child Benefit. The authors calculate marginal costs to families and benefits to the economy of maximizing outcomes of public spending, highlighting provision of affordable publicly funded child care as well as targeting the Canada Child Benefit to employed or studying parents.
Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs regarding Bill 148: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 25 Jul 2017 | Ontario
Recent AECEO submission to the Standing Committee on Finances and Economic Affairs calls for amendments to Bill 148 to ensure it can close the gaps and raise the floor of minimum standards for the highest possible number of workers in Ontario.
Family policies in Scandinavia 24 Jul 2017 | Europe
2014 report on family policies in Scandinavia finds Denmark, Norway and Sweden have all invested heavily in the creation of generous welfare states and have managed over time to develop encompassing and generous family policies for child families.
After 30 years... How is child care in Canada doing and where to next? 19 Jul 2017 | Canada
The Canadian Child Care Federation's summer edition of Interaction features five lively and timely discussions between leaders in the ECEC sector as well as a retrospective piece from Martha Friendly in a reflective letter to her former self.

Many social programs support families, but child care is the backbone of them all.

— National Council of Welfare, Preschool Children: Promises to Keep , 1999

Why good child care?


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