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Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education Project (EPPSE 3-14) - Influences on students' attainment and progress in Key Stage 3: Academic outcomes in English, maths and science in Year 9

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Sammons, Pam; Sylva, Kathy; Melhuish, Edward ; Siraj-Blatchford, Iram; Taggart, Brenda; Toth, Katalin; Draghici, Diana & Smees, Rebecca
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2012



The Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education Project (EPPSE) has investigated the academic and social-behavioural development of approximately 3,000 children from the age of three since 1997.

This research brief focuses on the relationships between a range of individual student, family, home, pre-school, primary school and secondary school characteristics and students' academic attainment in English, maths and science in Year 9 at secondary school (age 14). It compares the latest findings with those found for students' attainment at younger ages.

This brief also highlights the influences of secondary school on students' attainment in the core curriculum areas and studies their academic progress across Key Stage 3 between the ages of 11 and 14.

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13 Feb 2012
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