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Organisational factors impacting fathers' use of parental benefits in Canada

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Luo, Xiaoyang
Publication Date: 
3 Apr 2014


This study examines the impact of organisational factors on fathers' use of parental benefits. Only 9.4% of Canadian fathers outside Quebec claimed or intended to claim parental benefits in 2012. Fathers' stronger labour force attachment and higher earnings contribute to their decreased likelihood of claiming parental benefits compared to mothers. Workplace values and work demands also significantly impact fathers' use of parental benefits. Using a case study analysis of Quebec, the 2011 General Social Survey, and a supplemental online survey, this study evaluates the extent to which work-related and other factors facilitate or hinder fathers' use of parental benefits. The study also estimates the impacts of possible options for reform, including exclusive, non-transferable paternity benefits, part-time parental benefits, and a tax credit for employers who provide top-ups for parental benefits.

Entered Date: 
18 Jun 2014
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