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What is the Online Document Catalogue?

CRRU's Online Document Catalogue contains excerpts and links to thousands of resources relevant to ECEC and related research, policy and practice in Canada and internationally. Use the search form above, or browse one of the lists below.

The Online Document Catalogue is continually growing. New materials are added each week and featured on the homepage as "What's new this week". The catalogue listings include links to the full-text of materials where publicly available; where access is restricted links are provided to abstracts as well as purchase and subscription options.

Research, policy & practice

Research, policy and practice materials include: scholarly research, policy studies and briefs, government and NGO reports.

Child care in the news

Child care in the news is an archive of news articles about ECEC in Canada and abroad.

Video & audio

This is a list of online video and audio resources related to ECEC in Canada and internationally.