child development

How Indigenous mothers experience selecting and using early childhood development services to care for their infants

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Monday, April 15, 2019
Wright, L. A., Jack, S. M., Ballantyne, M., Gabel, C., Bomberry, R. & Wahoush, O.
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Research, policy & practice

Perspectives on curriculum frameworks in early learning and child care

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27 Apr 2018 - 5:00pm to 29 Apr 2018 - 11:00am


Dr Ray Doiron & Dr Gabriella Arias de Sanchez (UPEI) Exploring Early Years Curriculum Frameworks and their Implementation from an International Perspective

Chrissy Lepper (New Zealand) Applying an Updated Curriculum Framework: an Aotearoa New Zealand Professional Learning Perspective

Monique Gray Smith (Little Drum Consulting) Respectfully Weaving Indigenous Perspectives throughout Curriculum

Workshops, panels and papers

Dr Jane Hewes (TRU) & Dr Tricia Lirette (MacEwan) Community of Learners Gatherings: Co-constructing Curriculum and Transformative Learning

Dr Carolyn Bjartviet (MRU) The Living Wall: Implementing and Interpretting Working Documentation in Inclusive Early Learning and Child Care Settings

Katie Swales & Tanja Westland (Yukon) How do we make Curriculum Frameworks relevant to our communities?

Dr Marc Sutton (NorQuest) Identifying and including children with autism

Dr Ray Doiron & Dr Gabriella Arias de Sanchez (UPEI) Exploring Early Years Curriculum Frameworks and their Implementation: Six case studies in implementing curriculum frameworks

Cynthia Alles-Parasidis, Marc Battle, Kim Hanna & Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong (Red River College) Getting the Bums out of seats: Active learning in Early Childhood Education Classrooms

Gyda Chud (ECEFF) Integrating Children's Stories into our Curriculum Frameworks

Linda Sutherby (MRU) Incorporating Curriculum Framework Concepts into a Degree Program

Dr Randa Khattar (UWO) & Angela Woodburn (London Bridge Child Care) Early Years Frameworks for Creative Climate Action Pedagogies with Young Children

Dr Christine Massing (UR), Dr Anna Kirova (UA) & Dr Larry Prochner (UA) Representations of Diversity in Canadian Curriculum Frameworks

Nicole Cook & Jacqueline Tisher (Hope’s Home) Supporting Children with Complex Needs

Lakeland College Translating Alberta's Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum for French communities

Mary Lynne Matheson (NorQuest) The Curriculum Framework in Practice in an Intercultural Setting

Dr Cathy Smey-Carston & Dr Joanne Baxter (MRU) Explorations in the Implementation of a Curriculum Framework: An Alberta Perspective

Dr Jane Hewes (TRU), Dr Tricia Lirette (MacEwan) with educators from community programs Animating a Socio-Cultural Curriculum Framework through Participatory Action Research: Stories from the Field

Chrissy Lepper (New Zealand) Applying a Curriculum Framework: An Aotearoa New Zealand Professional Learning Perspective

Mary Lynne Matheson ( NorQuest) Learning Stories as a tool in Curriculum Frameworks

Kim Gravel and educators (University Infant Toddler Centre) Voices from the field: A journey in implementing a curriculum framework.

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