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Early childhood education and care in Canada

New edition: ECEC in Canada 2021

cover of publicationSince the early 1990s, CRRU has published pan-Canadian compilations of ECEC data about every two years—Canada’s main source of consistently collected, longitudinal, cross-Canada data and information about regulated child care and kindergarten. Each edition includes profiles of ECEC services in each province/territory including information on spaces, funding, regulations, staffing, governance and more. Cross-Canada tables present useful data on key topics and trends, covering the period 1992 to the present. This major CRRU publication is available on online and is downloadable. Versions through 2008 were also available in print. Early childhood education and care in Canada 2021 is the 13th and most recent edition. We are also very pleased that preparation of the 14th version of ECEC in Canada, a shorter data-only report with 2023 data, is well underway, expected in summer 2024, to be followed a year later by a full data and policy report with 2024 data. Much appreciation is due to Employment and Social Development Canada for funding this work.

Early childhood education and care in Canada: Background information (Originally developed September 10, 2018. Updated July 15, 2020 & April 24, 2023, 27 Apr 2023)