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Economic Security of Women in Canada

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Publication Date: 
20 Mar 2017


A number of written briefs and witness statements have recently been published by the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women as part of their Study on the Economic Security of Women in Canada. The lack of child care is highlighted in most of the briefs as a barrier faced by women in achieving economic stability. One, written by Martha Friendly, examines child care as fundamental to women's economic security and proposes ways to improve it.  Other briefs and witness testimonies that focus on child care and parental leave: Pierre Fortin; Kathleen Lahey; Unifor; Andrea Doucet, et al.; Donna S. Lero; Oxfam; Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (Witness); Canadian Labour Congress (Witness); and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (Witness). To read Witness testimony, click on the link for Witnesses, on the Committee page and scroll through the meeting dates. Written briefs are still being accepted until May 15th.