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Review child-care subsidies [CA-SK]

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Marcinkiw, Shelley
Publication Date: 
4 Apr 2002

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There is a serious problem with the way child-care subsidies are dealt with in Saskatchewan.

The provincial government sets subsidy rates very low. For example, two working parents with two children in care cannot exceed a gross income of $1,764 a month or their subsidy is reduced quickly, until it disappears altogether.

We have not seen a change in subsidies since 1982, although the price of child care has increased since then.

The government needs to take a serious look at funding early childhood education (child care). In doing this, we would be strengthening families.

Children should be our main concern as a society, because they are the lawyers, doctors, nurses and other workers of the future.

The province would be more realistic if it based subsidies on net income, instead of gross income. It should also take a strong look at revising the subsidies to accommodate people in all income ranges and make Saskatchewan a place of affordable child care for all families.

reprinted from the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.