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To subsidize or not to subsidize day care [CA-MB]

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Global TV
Publication Date: 
2 Feb 2001

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The government wants to know how Manitobans feel about publicly-funded day care.

The Manitoba Child Day Care Regulatory Review Committee released Friday its findings on child care in the province, and the goverment is asking for the public's input.

The report calls for major changes to the way day care is funded in the province, including following Quebec's and Europe's lead in providing subsidized child care to make it more accessible for low-income families.

The move toward publicly-funded day care would entail regular increases in public support over a three- to five-year period.

Advocates say day care in Quebec costs no more than $5 a day, and they say universal care does not mean it's free.

It should be affordable, they say, rather than costing thousands of dollars a year to send a child to day care.

Critics say it would cost the taxpayer too much money to subsidize day care across the board.

-Reprinted from Global TV.