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Budget offers Manitoba scraps: Selinger [CA-MB]

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Canadian Press
Publication Date: 
18 Feb 2003

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Manitoba's finance minister doesn't think Tuesday's federal budget is a particularly generous one for the province.

Greg Selinger says the budget doesn't offer many guarantees for provinces looking to do some long-term planning of their own.

He says there's little new for Canada's farmers, adding that it provides less than many had hoped for in areas like national child care.

He says it does start to restore Ottawa's commitment to health care, education, daycare and legal aid that were cut through the 1990s.

Federal Finance Minister John Manley's budget includes a multi-billion-dollar bonanza for health care and other social programs.

Selinger says it's a shift from former minister Paul Martin who placed the emphasis on tax reductions.

-Reprinted from Canadian Press