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Day-care spaces hard to come by [CA-QC]

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CBC Montreal
Publication Date: 
14 Nov 2002

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MONTREAL - Several parents on Montreal's West Island braved sub-zero temperatures to try to snag a rare opening in a day-care centre.

They were vying for one of the few available $5-a-day spots at the centre in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

The door to the Hebrew Foundation child-care centre opened at eight o'clock Monday morning and the 10 people lined up at the door got to hand in application forms for their children.

Some were donning toques, scarves and blankets, and had spent two cold nights waiting for this moment.

A sign on the door says there are three or four spaces available for the next school year.

The parents say it's worth the wait in the cold to get in.

"We want our son to continue in the Hebrew Foundation school which is attached to the day care," said Heather Grossbaum, who was fourth in line. "It's good for him because it's a continuation and it won't be a change in schools for him."

Early early birds

Robert Diamond also spent his weekend in line. He got there Saturday night at about 7:30. He says the community could use more day-care spaces.

"It's frustrating that the government doesn't open more spots or help the parents.

There's a demand, so they should at least move to help the parents get their kids in the schools," Diamond says.

Priority for the few available positions is given to children who have a sibling in the day care or in the adjacent school.

-Reprinted from CBC Montreal