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Parents push daycare into election spotlight [CA-NB]

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CBC News New Brunswick
Publication Date: 
21 May 2003

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Moncton - A group of parents fighting for quality daycare in the province is disappointed the issue isn't getting more attention in the election campaign.

Members of the group "Parents for Quality Care" have launched a campaign of their own to make politicians more accountable on the issue.

Jody Dallaire is busy handing out buttons and information sheets to parents at a Moncton daycare. Dallaire says auto insurance has become the hot topic in the provincial election, and politicians have paid little attention to daycare.

But she's hoping to change that by encouraging parents to question their candidates about the issues when they come to the door.

Green says he's disappointed the issue is getting a low profile in the election campaign. "It's like the squeaky wheel gets the grease and at this point there hasn't been enough squeak out with regards to this issue and I think this is a first start."

Lorraine Veysey operates a daycare and she's pleased to hear campaign promises to subsidize daycare for low income families. But she says that doesn't address the question of access. "There aren't enough spots in the region to accommodate all the babies that are looking for spots so we have. That translates basically into a year wait on our waiting list."

Jody Dallaire hopes the petitions, buttons and information she's handing out to parents will encourage them to speak out. "If we don't as parents our children don't have a voice."

-Reprinted from CBC News New Brunswick