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Here's the news they didn't broadcast [CA-BC]

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Smyth, Michael
Publication Date: 
18 Feb 2004

See text below.


Now that all the Liberals have repetitive-strain injury from patting themselves on the back, it's time to look at the parts of the balanced budget that didn't make the highlights brochure.

The unkindest cut of all is the one to the ministry of children and families. When the Liberals were in opposition, they demanded that the NDP pour more money into this ministry.

Yesterday, the Liberals cut it by another $70 million. We're talking about programs for physically and sexually abused children. Can you think of a budget cut more sickening than that?

To be fair, the Liberals didn't cut everything yesterday. They increased the budget for provincial tax collectors by 45 per cent. Hard-core criminals caught a break with the cut to police services, but if you don't pay all your provincial taxes they'll hunt you down like a dog.

The Liberals also spared their favourite group of people from any budget cuts yesterday: Themselves. The budget for MLA services at the legislature shot up by $1.5 million.

When they're cutting the budget for abused children, you'd think they'd at least put in a budget freeze for themselves.

- reprinted from The Vancouver Province