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New national health service child care allowance [UK]

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Medical News Today
Publication Date: 
11 May 2004

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UK Health Secretary John Reid today launched a new child care allowance for National Health Service (NHS) funded students to help with child care costs during their studies. It's expected to cost the government £17 million a year to fund.

Under the scheme up to 85% of child care costs could be met, helping around 6,000 students a year. Up to £114 per week for students with one child or £170 per week for two or more children could be available.

Eligible students, both existing and new, will be able to claim the allowance from September 2004.

In a speech to the Royal College of Nursing Congress in Harrogate, John Reid said:

"I'm delighted to announce a new child care allowance to help NHS funded students with the costs of child care during their studies. This allowance will pay 85% of maximum eligible costs. This means up to £114 per week for one child or up to £170 per week for 2 or more children. This new allowance will be means-tested so that funding can be targeted where it's needed most. I expect around 6,000 students a year to benefit."

Stephen Burke, director of national child care charity Daycare Trust, said: "The new allowance will make a significant contribution to parents' child care costs. It will be warmly welcomed by parents training to join NHS professions. The costs of child care are a major barrier for parents who want to train and work. It will complement the NHS Childcare Strategy, which has helped to recruit and retain many key NHS staff."

- reprinted from Medical News Today