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Christy Clark makes life tough for other working moms [CA-BC]

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Letter to editor
Elphinstone, Anna
Publication Date: 
18 Aug 2004

See text below.

Re: The delicate balance between work and family, Aug. 16

How nice that deputy premier Christy Clark has managed to balance motherhood with her political career.

She might try grabbing a bus at 6 a.m. to take her son to child care, then get back on the bus to go to work for minimal wages, then repeat the process eight hours later. This is the reality of single-parent employment.

Ms. Clark has apparently created "a space for motherhood within her workplace." It's unfortunate that she's made it so difficult for other working mothers by supporting cuts to child care subsidies and by supporting changes to labour laws governing hours of work that separate mothers from their children.

Anna Elphinstone, Halfmoon Bay