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Workers would quit for better child care [IE]

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Keane, Conor
Publication Date: 
4 Aug 2004

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Almost two out of every three workers would quit their jobs to do comparable work for less pay with an employer who provided child care facilities, a survey of Irish workers has found.

The child care crisis faced by Irish workers is not abating, the Recruit Ireland survey found, as many working parents spend more on child care than on mortgages.

The survey shows employers of just 5.6% of respondents provide child care or crèche facilities at work. A survey conducted by Recruit Ireland last year recorded a similar response.

"A staggering 63% of employees said they would leave their current employer if offered a similar job by an employer with child care facilities. Importantly, they would also take a salary cut in this situation," the survey authors said.

Sinéad Johnson of Recruit Ireland said: "The survey results really highlight the ongoing issue of child care facilities for working parents. The survey also highlights the opportunities for both employers and Government.

"For employers, in the war for talent, the provision of child care facilities at work is clearly a strong incentive for six out of ten employees when looking at their work/life balance. The survey also shows massive approval for Government initiatives to encourage employers to provide child care facilities in the workplace.

An overwhelming majority of 94% of respondents support tax incentives to encourage employers to provide child care/crèche facilities in the workplace.

Almost 30% of those surveyed said they pay more for child care than they do for their mortgage or rent. A further 30% pay the same for child care as they do for their monthly mortgage or rent outlay. In cash terms, almost 30% of respondents with children pay between €600 and €900 per month per child care place.

Importantly, employees also state that they are caught in a 'Catch 22' scenario as over 75% believe that taking parental leave could hinder their chances of promotion at work. The survey was carried out over the past four weeks and was completed in confidence by almost 350 respondents.

- reprinted from the Irish Examiner