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Kids adopted from China find Halifax day care home [CA-NS]

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Lightstone, Michael
Publication Date: 
5 Aug 2005

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A new Halifax day care has a unique educational program: language and cultural instruction for children adopted from China.

The Magic Ladybug Learning Centre opening next month will have 14 spaces for local families. Ten spots have been reserved by parents with youngsters born in China, one of the centre's operators said Thursday.

"We're not limited to families who have adopted from China - we're open to any family that's interested in a good child care program that also has this international component in it," Patty Monaghan said.

She said Nova Scotia has a growing community of children adopted from China.

Interest in her day care centre is high, added Ms. Monaghan, a mother of two daughters adopted from the Asian nation.

Ms. Monaghan's business partner, Ying Zhang, is a kindergarten teacher originally from Shanghai.

Part of the centre's program includes twinning with a Chinese day care. Staff at the two facilities plan to exchange photos and information online.

People from western nations, including Canada, are increasingly looking to China for adoptions.

"When you do adopt in China, they do ask you if you will try and maintain an interest and an understanding of China," Ms. Monaghan said.

Ms. Monaghan said her day care was recently licensed by the province.

Ms. Monaghan said her day care, which will cater to youngsters 18 months old to age five, can benefit parents who want their kids to get regular language instruction and other Chinese references through daily experiences.

"Also, sort of looking to the future, with the growing economic power that China is becoming, it will be useful for people to have an understanding of China and the language and the culture."

- reprinted from the Halifax Herald