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Opening campaign statement by Prime Minister Paul Martin Leader of the Liberal Party

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CanWest News Service
Publication Date: 
30 Nov 2005

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Good morning. A minority Parliament means the opposition can force an election whenever it chooses. In this case, I believe ambition has overwhelmed common sense.

We have worked to create a national program of early learning and child care, reaching agreements with all 10 provinces and investing in affordable, quality care and teaching to make sure future generations of Canadians will have the best possible chance to succeed.

The other leaders hold very different views of what our country should be.

Jack Layton thinks government should do everything, even if it puts at risk the nation's finances.

Stephen Harper sees no role for government and would turn his back on our investments in early learning, in cities and communities, in helping immigrants adapt to their new lives in Canada.

Gilles Duceppe has but one imperative: to divide us at a time when there is so much we can achieve together, when a proud and ambitious Quebec is contributing to making our country stronger.

When you cast your vote for a Liberal government, you vote for better health care, for early learning to help children thrive, for more vibrant and liveable cities and communities. You vote for a Canada defined by respect, generosity and fairness, a Canada that seeks to extend equality of opportunity to all, a Canada that strives to be the standard by which other nations judge themselves.

- reprinted from CanWest News Service