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Tonight: Stepping out [CA]

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CBC News and Current Affairs
Publication Date: 
29 Nov 2005

See text below.


PETER MANSBRIDGE (HOST): Tonight: "Stepping Out":

PAUL MARTIN (PRIME MINISTER): Monday, January the 23rd.

PETER MANSBRIDGE (HOST): The election date is set. Here comes the campaign. The candidates, the messages.

SUSAN BONNER (REPORTER): Martin says he's proud to run on his record. Multi-billion-dollar agreements on health care, national child care, and cities. Here's how he'll portray his opponents:

PAUL MARTIN (PRIME MINISTER) : Jack Layton thinks that government should do everything, even if it puts at risk the nation's finances. Stephen Harper sees no role for government, and would turn his back on our investments in early learning, in cities and communities, and helping immigrants adapt to their new lives in Canada. Gilles Duceppe a une seule-- (Translator): Gilles Duceppe has only one motivation -- to divide us at a time when we have so many things to accomplish together. ...

- reprinted from CBC News and Current Affairs