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Transcript of Stephen Harper's Jan. 26 news conference [CA]

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Canadian Press
Publication Date: 
26 Jan 2006

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Question: I know you just won a mandate on things like your child care program and I'm thinking about that in particular, actually. But the other parties are unlikely to agree with it flat out. Are you going to be willing to negotiate anything with them on things that are in your mandate?

Harper: Well, I think that the child-care program we laid out in particular, direct assistance to all Canadian parents. I think this is something that is very popular. I'm always willing to have discussions but I do believe that Canadian parents and families expect us to deliver on this and frankly expect the parliament as a whole to deliver them that benefit.

Question: Would you be willing to give that then plus more if the other parties demanded it?

Harper: Well, I say I would never engage in negotiations with the other parties in a press conference. But obviously I'm interested, always interested to hear what the other opposition leaders will have to say.

- reprinted from the Canadian Press