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Child-care plan slammed [CA]

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White, Tarina
Publication Date: 
30 Apr 2006

See text below.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper's proposal to improve child care in Canada doesn't go far enough, said Calgary parents and caregivers staff who gathered in the city's northwest yesterday.

Hosted by four Alberta Liberal MLAs, the consultation on child care drew about 50 residents to the Banff Trail Community Centre.

Ralph Kroll, a father of two young children, said he's puzzled by the logic behind the federal Tories proposal for $100-a-month child-care allowances for parents of kids under age six.

Kroll would instead like to see that money used to support existing child-care facilities and to increase spaces.

"Now you're giving $100 to everybody instead of supporting the infrastructure -- that $100 doesn't go very far anymore," he said.

Improving access to day-care services is a priority for many parents, said Kroll.

- reprinted from the Calgary Sun