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Child care group plans message for PM [CA-YT]

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Little, Matthew
Publication Date: 
16 Aug 2006

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When Prime Minister Stephen Harper hosts dinner tomorrow evening at the High Country Inn, he and his political guests may hear the chants of local day care workers waving placards outside the hotel.

Cyndi Desharnais, president of the Yukon Child Care Association, said today local child care workers, parents and others are planning to hold a rally during the dinner to draw attention to the serious problem facing the Yukon day care industry.

She repeated the message she and other day care workers gathered to send last week at a news conference at Yukon College.

They said day care workers are not getting paid enough to keep them around and that many are leaving to work at higher-paying service industry jobs.

They can make more money there as unskilled workers than they can as accredited child care educators at local day cares, reporters were told.

"We need affordable, accessible and high-quality child care…all of Canada actually," Desharnais said.

She advocates a national child care program, like the one the Liberals proposed but never initiated before losing power early this year.

She expects more than 100 people will show up for the rally.

- reprinted from the Whitehorse Daily Star