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National failing in Early Childhood Education [NZ]

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Moroney, Sue, Early Childhood Education Spokesperson
Publication Date: 
20 Apr 2009

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20 April 2009 Media Statement

National failing in Early Childhood Education

The National Government is failing to recognise the importance of Early Childhood Education by lowering standards, Labour Party Early Childhood Education spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“The Government has scrapped improved teacher to child ratios planned to go ahead on July 1 and also suspended regulations that were due to take effect in December 2008.

“The National Government’s decision to reduce the target of 100 percent qualified teachers in ECE by 2012 to 50 percent fails to recognise the important role these teachers play.

“It is worrying that the ERO found lower standards of care in privately-owned centre than those where no profit motive exists.

“It is this very mix of profit-driven services taking care of our youngest most vulnerable children that requires the Government to set high standards, including working towards 100% qualified teaching workforce in the sector and improved teacher to child ratios.

“New Zealand should be constantly striving to improve the education we provide to our children, but under National are children in ECE will be short-changed by the Government’s short-sighted approach,” Sue Moroney said.

- reprinted from the Scoop