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Canada reaches tripartite agreement to implement Jordan’s Principle

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Government of Saskatchewan
Publication Date: 
28 Sep 2009



The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) have reached a tripartite agreement on an interim process to implement Jordan's Principle.

Through the agreement, all parties are committing to work together to develop a child-first approach, ensuring the health and well being of First Nation children with multiple disabilities in Saskatchewan take priority over questions of jurisdiction and responsibility of payment for services and health care.

Canada, through Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and Health Canada, the Province, represented by the Ministries of First Nations and Metis Relations, Health and Social Services and Education, and the FSIN have agreed to work together to establish processes, including a dispute resolution mechanism, to ensure First Nation children with multiple disabilities receive the services and care they require in a timely fashion. The parties will work together to address jurisdictional questions between the federal and provincial governments as well as long-term support for implementation.


"Today we celebrate a first in Canada. First Nations, the Government of Saskatchewan, and the Federal Government have agreed on an interim plan to implement Jordan's Principle and begin the process of negotiating a final arrangement," First Nations and Metis Relations Minister Bill Hutchinson said. "As we continue to work together to ensure that all children get the care they need, we will keep in mind the sacrifice made by Jordan Anderson and his family of Norway House, Manitoba."


Jordan's Principle is named after Jordan River Anderson, a First Nations child from Manitoba who was born with severe and multiple disabilities.

-reprinted from The Gov Monitor