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N.B Child Care Coalition wants to change act

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Times and Transcript
Publication Date: 
13 Apr 2010

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"The Legislative Assembly should modify Bill 49, the Early
Learning and Childcare Act, to give the provincial government the
authority to change how it finances child care programs. The bill
should also clearly state that funding will be allocated directly to
child-care programs rather than facility operators," Jody Dallaire,
executive-director of the coalition said in a news release.

Dallaire said the province's current approach to child care
relies on parent fee subsidies and educator wage subsidies, and
provides little accountability for public funds. The coalition believes
this could lead to the undermining of quality and a waste of taxpayer
dollars. She said there is at least one "big box" child care company
trying to get listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange to raise capital and
expand across Canada.

"The Early Learning and Childcare Act should give the government
the power to keep "big box" child care companies out of New Brunswick
and foster public and not-for-profit child-care programs. The
for-profit programs that already exist could keep operating but the
criteria for the allocation of public funds should be based on the
principles of quality programming, inclusion, accessibility, public
financing and community delivery."

- reprinted from the Times and Transcript