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A flawed system

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Fleury, Elisabeth
Publication Date: 
28 Sep 2010


Flaws in the system of care have yet to hit the headlines in recent days. Places promised that we are still waiting for child care illegal, through the deficiency in the system for allocating seats, delays in implementing the Single Window and the disparities between working conditions for child care providers and those PBS, the problems are numerous and recurring. The Minister for Families, Yolande James has much to do to calm the discontent and restore the system back on track.

Consider the subsidized private daycare. A 2003 study commissioned by the Government had identified the poor quality of such facilities. Since then the situation has not improved. According to a survey by the magazine Protect yourself, over 60% of complaints sent to daycare last year the Department of Family concerned private subsidized daycare, even if they receive less than 19% of children.

That the Charest government has chosen, for reasons of economy, developing the private daycare defends itself. But this can be done at the expense of quality care and services for children. It is the responsibility of the government subsidizes the child care at $ 7 to ensure that their owners are able to reconcile the profit of their business with a certain quality standard, which is expected to be in the same family and in the CPE. It is his duty to ensure that the rules that are subjected subsidized private daycare are met.