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NDP calls for action to address on-campus childcare crisis

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Canada Views
Publication Date: 
23 Nov 2010



NDP critic for Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Cam Broten said today that the Wall government is failing students and parents at the University of Saskatchewan by refusing to address the lack of affordable childcare spaces on campus. Broten said that the two childcare facilities at the UofS each have a wait list of 400 families and those wait lists are growing longer.

"With up to 800 families waiting for childcare at the UofS, the Wall government should be doing everything it can to quickly increase the number of childcare spaces," Broten said. "For university students who have children, being able to access quality, affordable childcare, is a critical component of their success. But instead of ensuring that students have the resources they need to successfully complete their education and build their lives and careers here in Saskatchewan, the Wall government has failed to address the desperate need for childcare.


- reprinted from Canada Views