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Quebec proposes new daycare law

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CBC News
Publication Date: 
5 Nov 2010



Quebec's Liberal government has introduced a new bill of law to crack down on illegal daycares mushrooming across the province.

The proposed law imposes limits on ownership to prevent so-called "chains" of daycares.

Bill 126 was also designed to address problems with how daycare permits are handed out in the province.

It proposes new rules for distributing highly-sought after daycare spots, to democratize the process through regional consulting committees.

Daycare operators will be limited to five permits, and a maximum of 300 spots in order to clamp down on entrepreneurs who want to develop mini-franchises.

And new rules will make it virtually impossible for daycare operators to resell or transfer their permits.

Daycare operators will have to provide detailed lists of their managers, staff and any investors, who will "have to prove they don't have a criminal record, and have no history that could jeopardize our children's safety," said families minister Yolande James.

The proposed law also includes stiff penalties and sanctions for anyone who runs an illegal daycare.


-reprinted from CBC News