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Funding is key to child care

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Letter to the Editor
Landau, Allison
Publication Date: 
23 Feb 2011



The current state of child care in Canada is appalling. The federal government under Stephen Harper has consistently shown that child care is not important and that parents should be able to take care of their children's needs. Clearly this is not working.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has consistently noted that Canada spends far less than other countries on family policies. It should not take the death of another child left in unregulated care to create change.

Our government needs to start understanding that equity across society will never be possible until child care needs are met. Parents (unfortunately all too often women) are having to resort to welfare since being employed in menial labour makes it nearly impossible to afford the high costs of child care. This is appalling.

While I commend Mayor Rob Ford for looking at the problem, real change is impossible without adequate funding to both parents and child care centres.

-reprinted from The Toronto Star