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Edmonton loosens daycare rules

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CBC News
Publication Date: 
21 Jun 2011


The city of Edmonton is loosening its rules to make it easier for daycares to open.

New child care space will no longer need to have an outdoor play space attached to the building.

Instead, the city will follow provincial rules, which allow that play space to be a nearby city park or a school yard.

The city believes this will make it easier for more operators to get into the market and help parents find a space.

Provincial numbers show there are 35,000 child care spaces in Edmonton and they're 80 per cent full. Some have wait lists that are years long.

One other rule change will make it easier for parents to pick up and drop off their child.

New daycares will be required to have at least two parking spaces available for drop off and pickup instead of just one.

- reprinted from CBC News