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Child care subsidy changes

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Bernardo, Marcella
Publication Date: 
19 Aug 2011



While BC's Premier continues to preach she wants to put families first, the Ministry of Children and Family Development will soon roll back child care subsidies. Cuts in one program are coinciding with the implementation of full-day kindergarten next month.

Starting September 1st, the subsidy rates are being reduced from as much as $550 per month to $210.

The net income exemption threshold is also decreasing for parents of 5 year old students. It was more than $33,000 but is dropping to less than $22,000 a year.

Families with students older than five already had an exemption level of about $22,000 according to a ministry spokesperson.

The ministry is also increasing the maximum monthly subsidy rate for parents requiring care before and after school, as well as snow days and other closures. That rate's increasing to a maximum 210 dollars per month.

The changes are being made to reflect the fact five year old children will be in school all day now, instead of a half day. That means parents need less income subsidy for a child who is in school but they can now also receive the increased payments for before and after school care.

-reprinted from CKNW AM980