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Committee wants votes for a poverty-free Ontario

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Social Justice Committee
Publication Date: 
15 Sep 2011



Raising the issue of poverty in Ontario during the coming provincial election is a priority for people from faith communities in Bolton and further afield.


Growth predictions indicate that Peel is on the path to becoming a community in crisis, as these statistics (collected by Peel's Fair Share Task force) show: • Child poverty in Peel has increased 57 per cent within a 10- year span; • 15,000 families wait for affordable housing - the longest waiting list in Canada; • Nearly 40 per cent of seniors living alone in Peel are in poverty; • Soaring unemployment rates, at 10.8 per cent in 2010, continue to be higher than both provincial and national averages.

"Let's vote for a povertyfree Ontario" is the non-partisan message on the signs asking candidates from all political parties to make poverty elimination a priority concern in their election campaigns.


- reprinted from the Caledon Citizen