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East Vancouver child care program to stay open

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CBC News
Publication Date: 
6 Oct 2011



Vancouver Park Board staff will take over a before-and-after-school care program at the Kensington Community Centre, but the privately run preschool will remain shut down while a review is conducted.

The pre-school was suspended after a three-year-old walked away from the preschool program unsupervised and was spotted trying to cross a busy street by a bus driver on Sept. 22. It was the second such incident in as many days, according to officials.

After announcing the before-and-after-school programs would be shutdown next week, the board reversed its decision on Thursday because so many parents rely on the program.

The decision was welcomed by Veronica Pujol, who sends her daughter to the before-school program, and says she couldn't afford to have it shut down.


The preschool program at the East Vancouver community centre will remain shut down while an independent review of the operation is conducted, said officials.

-reprinted from CBC News