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Grits rule out return to 50% transit funding

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Peat, Don
Publication Date: 
2 Oct 2011



Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty doesn't have any good news for Toronto city councillors hoping for provincial cash to fund the TTC or help save child care spaces.

He turned down the idea of the province paying 50% of the TTC's operating budget during an editorial board meeting with the Toronto Sun on Friday, and signalled, should his party stay in power, he won't be riding to the rescue for Toronto's subsidized child care spaces.


And McGuinty further warned city beancoutners not to count on any cash to save 2,000 child care spaces.

City council recently put off a decision to phase out the spaces as funding runs out.

While Mayor Rob Ford and several city councillors have blamed the province for the potential loss of the subsidized daycare spots and urged voters to make it an election issue, McGuinty said they won't help save the spaces.

"With respect to the child care spaces, we've got our own particular approach so we are not going to be providing funding for those 2,000 spaces," McGuinty said. "We have created tens of thousands of spaces on our own and when the feds walked away from the table from a national plan, we bellied up and said alright we'll take up the responsibility entirely unto ourselves, that's what we've done on child care."

-reprinted from the Toronto Sun