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Full-day program

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Letter to the editor
Papp, Zsuzsa
Publication Date: 
11 Jun 2012



The Saskatchewan government is causing an unexpected shortfall in funding for the Saskatoon Public Schools forcing them to discontinue the full-day, everyday kindergarten program next year.

I am asking those who have the power: Please do not let this happen.

Canada is already behind in the quality of early childcare education compared to most rich nations and many poorer ones. How can we afford not to provide quality care for the children who need to be in a safe learning environment while their parents work? Where are the alternative quality childcare spaces with language, music and physical education offered?

My daughter has benefited immensely from the wonderful full-time kindergarten program she is attending and I wish people following us through the system had this opportunity.

I am willing to pay more taxes for better education in Canada. What is more important than the children in our society? Wealth needs to be redistributed more justly so every child can get the best education possible. We need to do the hard work of raising our own skilled and educated next generation.

All evidence points in the direction that quality early childhood education helps people for life and has a long term benefit to society.

-reprinted from the Star Pheonix