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Live morning chat: Debating licensed daycare spaces

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Publication Date: 
28 Aug 2013



It can be difficult for parents to find someone to look after their children while there`re at work, let alone someone they trust to provide a safe space to care for their kids.

In light of the recent death of a toddler in an unlicensed daycare in Ontario, many people are calling for more licensed childcare facilities that would be regulated and inspected by the government. According to the Canadian Child Care Federation, licensed daycare spots are available for about 20 per cent of Canadian children. In Saskatchewan, there are 10,752 licensed daycare spaces.

Have there been any challenges in finding child care for your kids? Do you think there needs to be more regulation for unlicensed dayhomes? Should more licensed daycare spaces be created? How do you ensure the safety of children in child care? How hard has it been for you to find daycare space for your kids?

-reprinted from CBC