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Promising news for childcare in NB

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TC Media
Publication Date: 
10 Jan 2014



Draft regulation available for public review and input

The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick has some promising news for those seeking childcare support.

In the spring of 2013 the NFU in NB began a dialogue with the government asking that the daycare assistance program be expanded to include self-employed people, such as farmers. Sharing the message with provincial media and gaining public attention, the NFU in NB emphasized that young families today who are choosing farming as a business have to juggle managing both their family and their business every day.

Women's Director Eva Rehak, a mother of three young children, said increasing her farm's yield would be much easier if she could afford daycare. Rehak said daycare for her children is too expensive and she has been twice denied a provincial childcare subsidy. "Under the future regulation I hope to be eligible as a self-employed farmer in a farm partnership."

Based on the initiative taken by the NFU in NB there is a draft regulation that is available for public review and input. The draft Regulation is the Childcare Grants and Subsidies Regulation and the deadline for input is Jan. 15, 2014.

Under "Subsidies" in the Regulation and in 5 (1) a parent is eligible to receive assistance if each person is employed or self-employed with no employees. The link to the regulation is below:

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