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Look at child care to curb population decline: NDP

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Publication Date: 
13 Feb 2014



The leader of the NDP says if the province is serious about wanting to encourage population growth, it should be looking at affordable, accessible child care. Lorraine Michael believes one of the biggest barriers for young people considering starting a family is the availability of child care. She says even when spaces are open, the cost is prohibitive for many families.

Currently, parents pay up to $1,500 a month for a space in a regulated child care centre, a cost that means either leaving the workforce or not growing their families. Michael says she's long advocated for universal child care and all-day kindergarten.

Meanwhile, the provincial government today announced just over $121,000 under a new child care capacity initiative. The money will be used to help with the potential development of new regulated child care centres in New Harbour and Gambo, and helping with centres currently operating in Bay Roberts, Harbour Breton, and Lourdes.

-reprinted from VOCM News