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Manitoba budget to include $5.5M for more child-care spaces

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CBC News
Publication Date: 
6 Mar 2014



The Manitoba budget will include $5.5 million to create more child-care spaces, CBC News has learned.

Sources say the budget, which is being tabled this afternoon, will also provide funding to child-care centres so they can pay employees more.

Both spending initiatives are part of the NDP government's aim to make Manitoba affordable, create more jobs for young people, and keep more workers in the province.

The government has already unveiled a key part of the budget - $5.5 billion, funded in part by last year's increase in the provincial sales tax, to be spent on infrastructure projects over five years.

As well, Finance Minister Jennifer Howard is expected to introduce a low-cost loan program to help drivers buy winter tires.

A government source said the higher traction tires can help reduce collisions and make families safer, but the cost prevents some from buying them.

More details about the province's core infrastructure spending plan are expected to be released when the budget is tabled at 3 p.m.

-reprinted from CBC