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Conservatives should heed citizens, not their rich donors

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Letter to the Editor
Prestwich, Bill
Publication Date: 
5 May 2014



Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver has announced there will be no reckless spending in order to avoid a return to the deficit the Harper government created.

This is from a government that spends taxpayers' money to spy on their own citizens and that gives billions of taxpayers' dollars to the oil and mining industries. This is a government that will spend taxpayers' money to put WiFi in our national parks, a government that wastes money by involving our armed forces in unnecessary actions overseas. This is a government willing to spend between $50 billion and more than $100 billion on fighter jets that have been shown to be inadequate for our military. And this is a government that spends taxpayer money on advertising agencies that should be funded by the Conservative Party.

For this government, reckless spending would mean treating our veterans with the decency they deserve. It means having adequate food inspectors so we don't get poisoned, and adequate monitoring of the ozone layer on which our life depends. It means supporting a national public health care system and maintaining an adequate and successful Canada Pension Plan. It means developing a national child care program enabling citizens to work. It means supporting what is important to the vast majority of Canadians not just the rich donors to the Conservative party.

As the old saying goes, never trust a snake-tar salesman.

- reprinted from the Hamilton Spectator