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Changes to child care act being introduced today

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Publication Date: 
25 Nov 2014



The first changes to the province's child care act in 15 years are being introduced in the House of Assembly today.

The new legislation is meant to establish the regulation and licensing of all child care services and agencies in the province the ensure the same quality across the board.

Changes include a stricter, more specific definition of 'child care service' and 'provider' excluding camps, tutors or at-home nannies. At the same time, the capacity limit has been removed entirely to allow for the development of expanded services with space for more children.

Mary Walsh, Chair of the Association of Early Childhood Educators, in the province welcomes new changes.She says she feels the new enhancements are a good safeguard to maintain quality.

Liberal critic Dale Kirby says there isn't much to criticize about the new legislation, but there's a lot further that childcare in the province needs to go.

He says there's a lot that was promised in these changes that's been left out, or pushed a head till later