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Don’t close the region’s child-care centres

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Letter to the Editor
Forth, Julia
Publication Date: 
24 Sep 2015



Re: Report suggests closing all five regional child-care centres — Sept. 14

In response to consulting firm KPMG's recommendation to close the child-care centres operated by the Region of Waterloo, I want to voice my objection to this.

I strongly believe that this would be a step in the wrong direction.

The region currently operates a high quality child-care program, more of which are needed in our communities — particularly outside the Kitchener and Waterloo areas, which have fewer privately operated facilities and limited licensed home cares.

Over the last two years, both of my children have attended a child-care centre operated by the region, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the service and the staff who run the program. We pay monthly for this quality service and it is essential to our family.

We moved to Waterloo Region without family or close friends nearby. Knowing that when we decided to have our own family we would be able to rely on child-care services from the region was very comforting to us.

Even with the services at the level they are currently offered, my son was on a waiting list almost from his birth to ensure he got a spot when he was old enough to attend the region's program close to our home.

Other privately operated facilities and home cares (in the city, away from our home) were full and/or also had long waiting lists. Spaces are limited.

This is already a huge problem for working parents. How is eliminating more spaces addressing this problem and serving the families in our communities? Replacing spaces with a fee subsidy is not going to help if there are no spaces to be filled.

Julie Forth


-reprinted from The Record