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Make affordable, quality child care a reality

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Letter to the Editor
Friendly, Martha
Publication Date: 
18 Sep 2015


Re: A well-run region could run even better — Sept. 19

Consulting firm KPMG's case for shuttering Waterloo's Region's regional child care centres is too weak to identify low- or high-hanging fruit (as they claim) or Swiss cheese.

As in KPMG reports for other Ontario municipalities urging closing public child care, there are umpteen outstanding question marks, so applause for "reasoned suggestions," to use this editorial's words, or value for money seems unwarranted.

Ultimately, this is a provincial matter.

Ontario municipalities are struggling to maintain quality spaces while addressing subsidy wait-lists. The solution is not losing needed quality regional centres but for Waterloo Region to press the Ontario government for coherent child care policy with adequate funding to make the affordable, quality child care parents need a reality.

In the short term, given the pressing need in Waterloo Region for high quality child care (especially for infants, toddlers and children with disabilities), it would be irresponsible for regional council to act on this flimsy evidence.

Martha Friendly
Executive director, Childcare Resource and Research Unit