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Province announces changes to child care strategy

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VOCM Local News Now
Publication Date: 
28 Oct 2015



The provincial government has announced what it's calling improvements to its 10-year child care strategy. Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development Susan Sullivan says there will be a 15 per cent increase in the Operating Grant Program for day cares.

There will be a 30 per cent increase for equipment for all family child care homes.

And the Early Learning and child care Supplement will be increased to roughly $6,600 for educators who hold a Level 1 certification or higher and work in a family care home. Sullivan says in addition, day cares without kitchens will be eligible for an operating grant.

About 45 daycares across the province don't have kitchens and are not able to add one. So government has reduced the grant for those centres by 2-3 dollars, and parents will provide meals and snacks.

Sullivan says the changes have come in response to feedback about the program.

She says the government is rolling out different segments of the program at different times.

-reprinted from VOCM Local News Now