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Child care centre for at-risk moms expands

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Publication Date: 
6 Jan 2016

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Just a little over a year after EGADZ supported living home for at risk single moms opened its doors, construction will begin on a child care centre at the facility.

The province invested $355,000, $207,000 came from the feds and the City anted up $19,000 to create 22 child care spaces so the Moms have an easier time finding care while finishing up their education or looking for work.

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says healthy families are the core to a healthy community and that means every family no matter the economic and social challenges.

Currently the Sweet Dreams home can only accept mothers with up to two children. Executive Director of Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership, Shaun Dyck says it only makes sense to expand the facility in light of the significant impact it has on preventing homelessness and stabilizing young families.

-reprinted from SaskatoonHomepage