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Canadians interview the prime minister about issues that matter to them

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CBC News
Publication Date: 
1 Feb 2016


If you could ask the prime minister any question, what would it be?

CBC brought 10 Canadians with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints from across the country to Ottawa to question Justin Trudeau face to face.

Neither politicians nor special interest advocates, these Canadians were given unprecedented access, each sitting down with Trudeau alone in his office for 10 minutes, behind closed doors, to ask him about the issues that matter to them.

The interviewers grilled Trudeau on a wide range of issues. Throughout it all, only CBC cameras were allowed in the room — no staffers, no advisers and no reporters.

See full 10-minute interviews (link above), and watch The National's Peter Mansbridge sits down with Trudeau for in-depth follow-up questions.

Jenna Fray, 31, a social worker from Ajax, Ont., asks Trudeau what he's doing to help middle-class families like hers.

"My biggest fear is that I don't give my son a better life," Fray told CBC News before meeting the prime minister. 

She told Trudeau: "Think of us. Do the work every single day on the ground."

He replied: "The day I forget about you and your family is the day I'm no longer worthy of sitting in that chair."