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CSQ (Centrale de syndicats du Quebec) request to Quebec to return to the single rate in child care

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The Siver Times
Publication Date: 
13 Feb 2016



Although the season of tax returns has already begun, CSQ believes that the Quebec government still has time to turn back to return to the single rate in childcare funded.

The vice president of the CSQ, Sonia Ethier, stressed that the bill may be steep for family groups, some of which will have to pay around $ 1,800 to the Quebec tax authorities, if their child attended an early childhood center (CPE ) or a home daycare subsidized in 2015.

Mrs. Ethier joined parents and their children who braved the bitter cold Saturday morning to show their discontent outside the offices of the Ministry of Family, on Fullum Street in Montreal. The CSQ represents about 12,000 officials call (RSG) in families and educators in 2500 CPE.

Accompanied by union representatives of the Union of caregivers in early childhood Montreal (SIPEM-CSQ) and the Federation of intervening early childhood Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ), Sonia Ethier has questioned the new Minister of Family, Sébastien Proulx, for asking him to provide leadership within the government Couillard.

The vice president of the CSQ believes the Liberal government must quickly change course to avoid endangering the child care network set up in 1997 and which allowed not only to contribute to the development of children in education but also for women to stay or return to the labor market.

Mrs. Ethier says officials subsidized family child care still fear having to close their doors so that parents are more likely to abandon them to turn to private daycares, giving right to a tax credit. It accuses Couillard elsewhere in government to push parents to private.

The interveners in childcare, affiliated with the CSQ, are also firmly opposed to cuts of 120 million that the government wants to impose Couillard to subsidized child care, either within the family or in CPE. Like their colleagues from the Quebec Association of Early Childhood Centres (AQCPE), these workers Couillard ask the government to abandon the idea that would, in their view, the direct consequences in terms of job losses or the services children.

Unlike AQCPE, no day strike – full or partial – has been considered as of March in the CPE and family child care represented by the CSQ.

CSQ would like to discuss these issues with the Minister of Family, Sébastien Proulx. The union has asked to meet with the minister, but is still awaiting a response, according to Ms. Ethier.

-reprinted from The Siver Times